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One thing many people may consider important regarding outdoor electronics is the weather sealing of the unit. I have to buy my own receivers, and aren't made of money so this very limited testing is all you get.

Both receivers seem to survive a dunking fairly well. For testing, I filled a gallon jug of water and dropped the receivers in with batteries installed of course. The legend sank to the bottom where it rested vertically, while the Sportrak floated vertically with about a half inch above the surface. I left each unit in the water for about 15 minutes, then pulled them out and opened the battery compartments up.

The Sportrak showed no evidence of water seepage into the battery compartment. It did however seem to get a lot of water behind the buttons, which resulted in water seeping out every time I mashed a button for the next day or so. Nothing got inside though.

The Legend showed some evidence of seepage into the battery compartment. To test the unit further, I flooded the battery compartment completely and let it sit for another 15 minutes. When I pulled it out, dried out the battery compartment, and fired it up it worked flawlessly. As with the Sportrak there is no evidence of any water leaking into the electronics. As a final test I put the Legend into the Garmin carrying case and dropped it into the jug again. This time it floated, but I found that once you waterlogged the case it sank, so even in the case you'll have to retrieve it quickly if you drop in in the water. As for rain, snow etc. I haven't ever had a problem with either unit and based on my limited testing don't expect I ever will have one.